two weeks

Total Eclipse of the Heart
Bonnie Tyler


total eclipse of the heart // bonnie tyler

once upon a time i was falling in love
but now i’m only falling apart
there’s nothing i can do
a total eclipse of the heart

I’m going out of town for the next few weeks for a class so I won’t be on much if at all. I have a queue set up though so you won’t be deprived of my exquisite taste. 

Aliens have taken over the fucking school!


seminar style on Vanessa Jackman 


King said in an interview that this photograph was taken as he tried to explain to his daughter Yolanda why she could not go to Funtown, a whites-only amusement park in Atlanta. King claims to have been tongue-tied when speaking to her. “One of the most painful experiences I have ever faced was to see her tears when I told her Funtown was closed to colored children, for I realized the first dark cloud of inferiority had floated into her little mental sky.”


Sophie Turner

London, July 2014

- Dreaming?
- Yes, we are.

So that’s it? Just forget about you and me?



This is a list of what I would recommend for anyone trying to get a more wholesome idea of Korean film. This isn’t the most extensive list, but is maybe more diverse than what you will find “typically” (I tried to include documentaries, queer Korean cinema, women’s cinema, films from and on the Korean diaspora). 

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Natasha Lyonne’s outfits in Slums of Beverly Hills (1998)